Helicopter Crashes and Aviation Lawsuits

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Around the world, passengers, crew members and persons on the ground are killed and seriously injured in helicopter crashes or other aviation accidents almost every day. In fact, helicopter flight has been referred to by many as the most dangerous form of fight and air travel. After careful and extensive investigation, it is oftentimes determined, that the fault in a helicopter accident may lie in the helicopter pilot, air ambulance crew or charter company. However, in other helicopter crashes, the crash or accident may have been caused by a poorly maintained helicopter, a defective helicopter or airplane design, or the fault may even lie in the use of a poorly rebuilt, defective, worn out or incorrect helicopter part. Helicopters are vastly complex aircraft, complicated by the fact that many component parts and systems are often manufactured by various companies and contractors other than the main manufacturer.

There are literally thousands of component parts and therefore potential causes for every helicopter or airplane accident or crash, involving helicopter engines, rotors, instruments, navigation systems, safety equipment, fire suppression systems, landing gear, fuel delivery systems, communication systems, etc. In order to prevail in any helicopter, airplane or any other general aviation crash or accident case, it must first determined who and what was at fault, and what, in whole or in part, caused the actual crash or accident . In order to accomplish this, aviation engineers, helicopter crash experts and accident investigators must be retained to study, investigate and review the facts of the case and interview witnesses to determine what or who caused the helicopter to crash. Aviation accidents involve many legal theories and potential remedies under products liability and negligence causes of actions. Due to the severe nature of the injuries typically involved in helicopter accidents and crashes and the vast complexity of the product itself, it is often necessary to gather a significant team of legal and engineering experts in order to accelerate and bring a client’s case to trial or settlement. David P. Willis at the Willis Law Firm has over 41 years of Products Liability and Personal Injury experience to bring to bear on your helicopter crash or other aviation accident case.

Helicopter Crash Cases

Law Firm Case Transport Helicopter (Bell 206 B3)
Our client was aboard an offshore helicopter owned and operated by Industrial Helicopter, Inc. that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. After 10 minutes into the flight, a loud bang type noise was heard by all aboard followed by the helicopter’s loss of power. Our client suffered a serious back injury.
Law Firm Case Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Lawsuit
Seven are killed after a U.S. Army helicopter collided with guy wires supporting a television broadcasting tower near Waco, Texas, on a foggy morning. At the time of the helicopter crash, the television tower’s warning lights were not functioning, a violation of FCC and FAA regulations.
Law Firm Case Bell 206L-3 Helicopter Crash
A Bell helicopter crashes into the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. Our client was severely injured in this offshore Louisiana helicopter accident. The helicopter pilot initiated autorotation to the water, but the helicopter was forced to land into the water following a loss of power and hydraulics.
Law Firm Case Bell 407 Helicopter Crash
A Bell 407 used as an air taxi to transport offshore oil rig workers experienced a loss of power and was forced to land offshore in the frigid winter waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The helicopter pilot and one passenger died from their injuries and exposure. Three other passengers suffered serious injuries.
Law Firm Case Life Flight 6 EMS Helicopter Crash
An Augusta A-109 air ambulance helicopter operating as LifeFlight 6 crashed in dense fog near Salt Lake City, Utah. The Life Flight medical helicopter pilot and one paramedic (our client’s son) were killed in the crash. The helicopter pilot was unable to obtain clearance and was requested to hold, when the emergency mayday call was declared for the ER helicopter.

Note: Some facts about certain helicopter crash cases, including investigations, current litigation and discovery cannot be divulged, or displayed, because the cases involved may currently be in process or limited in what may be shared publically due to confidentiality agreements. Information will be updated as the various stages of litigation and confidentiality allow it.

Lawsuits and Legal Remedies

Most helicopter crashes and aviation accidents result in catastrophic injures and death. Due to the severe impact with the ground, the survivors often suffer from serious back and neck injuries, ruptured or herniated discs, head injuries, paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries. One legal remedy available to those workers who were injured while in the course and scope of their employment is a workers compensation claim. Workers Compensation benefits are often very limited and do not truly compensate the injured crash victim or the surviving members of a person killed in an aviation crash. (Caution: the Workers Compensation Claim Form must be filed timely and the description of the accident and injuries must be carefully and accurately described. Speak to a lawyer first before filing.) As a result of the limited benefits, many must consider a third party lawsuit against the negligent parties that caused or contributed to the crash. In most helicopter crashes and aviation accidents there may be a negligence or products liability lawsuit available to the injured and/or the surviving members of the family of the deceased. This type of litigation is often complicated and requires experienced attorneys and experts familiar with complicated product liability and negligence lawsuits. Call us and find out what we can do to help you and your family.

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