Commercial Transport Crashes

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Commercial and Charter Companies

It is easy to say that a commercial or charter helicopter crash is most often caused by pilot error. But there are often other factors involved as well, and this makes finding liability in a helicopter accident quite difficult. Here is an overview of those difficulties.

There is a reason why Donald Trump is shown flying around New York City in his helicopter. Besides the obvious speed and ease of travel, there is a certain prestige and status that comes from hopping into your own air taxi.

Whether it is for prestige or just practicality, many companies across the US charter helicopter companies to ferry their workers from place to place. Oil companies use them to take offshore oil workers back and forth to oil platforms. Timber companies use them to survey forests. Corporations use them as perks, either to get their employees to a conference in luxury, or to the golf course in time for tee off.

Unfortunately, helicopter crashes are all too common and as the number of charter companies across the country increases, so too will the number of accidents.

Helicopter Crash Causes

By far, the most common commercial helicopter crash – or any helicopter accident for that matter – involves flying into the ground (including water) or a fixed structure on the ground like power lines. Pilot error is often cited as the reason.

But there are other factors as well. Bad weather certainly comes into play quite often. This is especially true in the case of ferrying oil workers where weather conditions in the Gulf or other ocean areas can change during the course of a flight from the mainland. EMS helicopter crashes are common in bad weather as well when there is pressure on the pilot to take extra risks in order to save a life.

Even the companies who charter the helicopter company on behalf of their employees can take some of the blame. Corporations that carry a lot of financial clout can persuade helicopter charter companies to take off in less-than-ideal situations.

Mechanical problems open whole new issues, from helicopter design to maintenance (or lack thereof), faulty equipment, or missing safety equipment that may have prevented the accident.

In fact often the only people involved who are not to blame are the victims of the helicopter crash themselves.

Who’s To Blame? We’ll Find Out For You

If you or a loved one has been involved in a charter helicopter crash, either through work or for pleasure, contact David P. Willis to get all the facts. You may be offered a settlement by the helicopter company or other parties. Your own company may even pressure you to settle quickly and quietly. But often, this is not in your best interest.

Call David P. Willis today for a free and confidential consultation. With decades of aviation law experience, especially in helicopter accident cases, Mr. Willis can explain who might be to blame for your accident, and what kind of settlement you might expect. Then, you can make a calm, informed decision about what is right for you.

Call us toll-free right now, and let us give you a free, no-obligation legal review of your helicopter crash. You have nothing to lose, and likely a lot to gain.

Contact a Commercial Helicopter Crash Lawyer

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