Why Helicopters Crash

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Common Causes of a Helicopter Crash Accident

Helicopter Equipment: Negligent maintenance of the helicopter and excessive hours on parts can cause accidents.

Helicopter Equipment:
Negligent maintenance of the helicopter and excessive hours on parts can cause accidents.

In the typical helicopter crash, many different causes of action may exist against a number of potential defendants. The causes of action may be based on negligence, products liability, breach of warranty and gross negligence. Often the helicopter owner, or operator, may be negligent by having an under-trained pilot, inexperienced pilot or poorly trained ground mechanics.

Helicopter Crash Causes Also Include:

  • negligence in the operation of the craft
  • negligent in operating in poor weather conditions
  • operating with excessive loads
  • negligent maintenance of the helicopter
  • excessive hours on the helicopter equipment
    • turbine engine
    • main rotor head
    • rotor gear box
    • intermediate gear box
    • tail rotor gear box

Helicopter Manufacturers

Another area of potential liability is against the actual manufacturer of the helicopter for design and manufacturing defects, breach of warranties, and failure to properly warn of known defects and dangers of the product. The engine, rotor, blade and gearbox re-builders are also a constant source for liability due to mechanics often failing to completely tear down and properly rebuild a component part within the proper specifications. In helicopter crash litigation, all potential defendants are brought into a products liability case.

Helicopter Accident Investigations

Almost immediately after being hired, engineers, investigators and aviation experts are contacted and secured to help support the liability claims against the named defendants. Time is critical; it is important to get an experienced products liability attorney to represent you immediately after the crash so that your rights are protected. Having an experienced attorney and hired experts involved as soon as possible prevents evidence from the crash from being lost, through failure to document something of importance, or even discarded, after the federal investigation for example. Hiring an experienced attorney soon after the helicopter crash or aviation accident is usually the best course of action to prevent destruction and spoliation of the evidence. Let our experts and legal professionals conduct a complete investigation of the crash. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means unless there is a recovery made for you, there is no charge for the attorney’s time, expenses or other costs expended in pursuing the case.

Contact a Helicopter Crash Lawyer

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a helicopter crash, then call us 24/7 for an immediate consultation to discuss the details of the accident and learn what we can do to help protect your legal rights. Whether the accident was caused by negligence on the part of the helicopter owner, hospital or corporation, the manufacturer or due to lack of training, poor maintenance, pilot or operator error, tail rotor failure, sudden loss of power, defective electronics or engine failure or flying in bad weather conditions, we can investigate the case and provide you the answers you need. Call Toll Free 1-800-883-9858 and talk to a Board Certified Trial Lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience or fill out our online form by clicking below:

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