Robinson R-22 Helicopter Crash – Raytheon, Arizona

While a Tucson Police Department Air Support Unit was training near the Tucson International Airport the aircrew witnessed a Robinson R-22 civilian helicopter crash. The Police aircrew made an immediate landing and directed emergency responders to the downed Robinson R-22 aircraft.

The air support crew heard the pilot’s distress call, and then relayed the situation to officers on the ground. The Robinson R-22 crashed in an undeveloped desert area which is on the southwestern portion of the Raytheon Missile System facility. The police air crew then directed emergency responders to the crash site.

The pilot of the Robinson R-22 helicopter reported engine failure when it went down about 1.5 miles south of Tucson International Airport. There were 2 people on board the chopper. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and engine failure may be to blame for the Robinson R-22 helicopter crash.

The only person aboard the Robinson R-22 who was treated for injuries was the pilot. The pilot of the downed Robinson R-22 was airlifted to University Medical Center (UMC) for treatment.

Raytheon was operating the helicopter which is registered to the Double Eagle Aviation Flight School. The Double Eagle Aviation Flight School is located at the Tucson International Airport.


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